What is Equipment Care in the Security and Defence Sector?

Equipment Care is the practice of keeping equipment in a safe and reliable working condition using a combination of training, inspection and maintenance programs.

In the Security and Defence Industry this equipment could be any asset that contributes to the business or organisation. Any such asset that is unavailable due to poor Equipment Care in these sectors could cost time, money and or lives. At Echelon International www.echelon-international.com we deliver Equipment Care, Training & Consultancy on commonly used items in the industry such as Body Armour, Weapons, Medical Kits, Communications and Armoured Vehicles. Equipment Care is a bespoke practice required by each and every business or organisation to ensure winning assets stay operational longer, require less costly repairs and or replacement.

For a confidential discussion on your Equipment Care needs contact the Echelon International team at contact@echelon-international.com

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