Flannelette is not a dirty word.

Equipment Care is not (and shouldn’t be) complicated. Simple before and after use operator cleaning & inspection can prevent small issues becoming bigger ones…..burnt propellant today can turn into rust and damage if left in the barrel.

The Problem

Our client needed to undertake the mandatory periodic inspection of their circa 1400 firearms. Unfortunately, more than 10% were in a very poor state of cleanliness to carry out the inspection before they could be cleaned.

The effect on the client is 3 fold:

Their equipment is unable to be inspected properly for defects and serviceability until it is clean wasting valuable time and money to resolve.

Their equipment degrades quicker than it should when dirty, hiding faults and risking premature failure from not being looked after by the company.

The reputational image of the company is damaged by using dirty and or faulty equipment begging the question “If this is how they look after their Firearms how can they look after their clients?”

The Cause

Unfortunately, the cause is not so easy to determine as the effect but more than likely due to one or a combination of the following:

As with the earlier case study related to magazines, these firearms were found in an unsuitable storage facility which presented the environmental conditions to allow the rust to exist. 

The users had not been issued with cleaning kits, trained or supervised properly in their use.

Thorough Equipment Care checks were also not being carried out by competent and qualified persons from within the client structure.

The client did not have an effective Equipment Care Directive to manage the expectations of their clients or needs of their company to identify their non compliance.

The Solution

Create an effective and relevant Procurement and Equipment Care Directive.

The Education and Training of equipment account holders in the benefits of solid and proven Equipment Care practices.

Periodic validation by qualified and competent third parties to monitor and review best Equipment Care practices are actually being carried out.


Although the majority of equipments were clean, an earlier advisory Equipment Care inspection from Echelon International Ltd would have quickly highlighted what was required to identify the problem, causes and solution to prevent this from happening at all, saving time, money and reputational losses.

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