Previous Projects

Licensed Security Company – Afghanistan 

Echelon International were contracted to Inspect & Test Ballistic Protective Equipment for a client in Afghanistan prior to purchasing a large order of items for their use. By testing the equipment the client was reassured that their equipment was indeed fit for purpose before rolling out to their organisation of 400 plus employees.

European Union Police Mission (EUPOL) – Afghanistan 

Armourers from Echelon International were contracted to provide an Inspection and Maintenance Program for EUPOL in Afghanistan to ensure their Personal Protection and Team weapons were serviceable and safe to operate. The clients systems included AK47 Variants, M4 Carbines, Heckler & Koch, SIG 229 and Glock Pistols.  The project took no more than a week to complete and the client was left reassured and confident in their equipment’s capabilities with further planned maintenance and inspection scheduled for the future.

Licensed Security Company – Iraq 

We were privileged to answer the call of one of the worlds largest Security Risk Mitigation companies to Inspect and Maintain several hundred personal protection weapons and ancillaries in their locations throughout Iraq as part of a planned equipment care program which is still in practice today. The clients systems included AK47 Variants, M4 Carbines, CZ99, SIG 226 and Glock Pistols.

Licensed Security Company – Undisclosed

After a Firearms related incident, Echelon International were requested to provide an examination report of a Personal Protection Weapon to determine its status in support of an investigation. As the PPW had been maintained as part of a wider Equipment Care Program by the client this third party examination along with our independent findings proved its status as serviceable.

Government Client – Undisclosed

Following a client review of their stockpiles of ammunition and ordnance a member of the Echelon team deployed to advise the client on best practices to identify stockpiles by type and classification to ensure the safe and accurate accounting of their stores. Onsite training was also provided to client’s staff to help maintain the best practices advised promoting accountability and safety throughout the facility.