Equipment Care is the most undervalued yet least expensive option compared to EQUiPMENT fAILURE, injury or Loss of life. Here you will Find top tips & observations from our teams in the field

Flannelette is not a dirty word.

Equipment Care is not (and shouldn’t be) complicated. Simple before and after use operator cleaning & inspection can prevent small issues becoming bigger ones…..burnt propellant today can turn into rust and damage if left in the barrel. The Problem Our client needed to undertake the mandatory periodic inspection of their circa 1400 firearms. Unfortunately, more … Continue reading Flannelette is not a dirty word.

FAKE Body Armour

Do you wear BPE as part of your job and feel safe? The above plate which was Inspected and tested by Echelon International Ltd for an international security provider in a high threat operational environment is a fake….do you still feel safe? The Problem Our client was unsure about the condition of several hundred sets … Continue reading FAKE Body Armour

Equipment Care Failures-Rusty Magazines

Are you accountable for the availability of security equipment in your organisation? If you are, let us look at the below case study to look at the problem, the cause and available solutions to avoid you finding rusty magazines in your stores. The Problem The magazine pictured above is an example of several hundred new … Continue reading Equipment Care Failures-Rusty Magazines


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