Equipment Care Failures-Rusty Magazines

Are you accountable for the availability of security equipment in your organisation? If you are, let us look at the below case study to look at the problem, the cause and available solutions to avoid you finding rusty magazines in your stores.

The Problem

The magazine pictured above is an example of several hundred new but heavily corroded magazines that were unable to function safely. These were found by one of our team during an initial equipment care advisory visit.

The effect on the client is that:

They have lost the availability of that equipment which is going to cost tens of thousands of dollars in replacing what was good equipment to maintain their readiness and appearance in front of their clients in what was an avoidable situation.

The Cause

There are several valid causes but lets work our way back from the identification of the problem by our team.

Firstly, this equipment was found in an unsuitable storage facility which presented the environmental conditions to allow the rust to exist.

Thorough Equipment Care checks were not being carried out by competent and qualified persons from within the client structure.

The client did not have an effective Equipment Care Directive to manage the expectations of their clients or needs of their company which failed to verify their non compliance.

The Solution

Create an effective and relevant Equipment Care Directive.

The Education and Training of equipment account holders in the benefits of solid and proven Equipment Care practices.

Periodic validation by qualified and competent third parties to monitor and review best Equipment Care practices are actually being carried out.


Although further losses have been prevented, an earlier advisory Equipment Care inspection from Echelon International Ltd would have quickly highlighted what was required to identify the problem, causes and solution to prevent this from happening at all, saving time, money and reputational losses.

By helping our clients to quickly create effective Equipment Care policies and practices to train and educate their staff in how to manage their equipment, be there for them to help monitor and review their compliance, we can prevent the costs of doing nothing.

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